St Sebastians 2021

Another year and another St Sebastians event. This year about 90 people
attended the event. It was truly lovely to see so many people enjoying

While St Sebastians is traditionally an archery focused event, we also had
both heavy and rapier tournaments happening.

The heavy tournament had a random weapon wheel. Each fighter was weapons
were determined by 2 spins of the wheel, one for each hand. There were also
some special weapons, such as a haddock, a broken bottle, rolling pin and troll
club, that added to the mix.

The rapier event was more of a tavern brawl, with overturned tables and
spilt beer to negotiate around.

Both provided a fun spectacle for the audience as well as enjoyment for the fighters.

The archery was also well attended with 21 people shooting in the main
competition and 23 in the archery games. The games were won by the ‘welsh’ team
while the archery was yet again won by Trudy.

As always there was also the St Sebastians game. Master Edward had devised
another fun game for the event, drawing on some of the more interesting themes
from previous years. The prize this year was a hand made oak Canterbury chair.
The game was well played and highly entertaining.

We were also able to hand out a number of awards. Normally we only present
baronial level awards but with eh Crown not being able to travel due to COVID
we are also awarding Kingdom level awards. It was our great please to add 5
people to the ranks of our Alderman, 2 to our Militia, 1 to our Lodeman and to
grant a Freedom of the City. On top of that we were able to present a number of
AoA’s, a Golden Nock, 2 Rowan’s, 2 Silver Pegasus and 3 Star and Lily’s.

It is always a pleasure to see people be recognised for the work they do in
the SCA.

About Ian Piddington

I have been involved in re-enactment since 1993. My main group now is the SCA in New Zealand, although I still do some bits with the local Jousters. Within the SCA I am Baron Sympkyn of the Moor
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