Mid-Winter Coronation 2017

Within the SCA there are a number of Kingdoms, each ruled by a King and Queen. Every 6 months a new King and Queen are appointed by a heavy combat tournament, with the winner becoming the next Monarch along with his or her consort.

Within Lochac these tournaments take place in May and November. The in July and January the new King and Queen are crowned.

This year the Midwinter coronation was held in the Canton of Cluain, at the beautiful Hamilton Gardens.

At the feast on the Saturday evening w played for a display dance. While we have played the tune a number of times before and we know the dancers very well we hadn’t actually planned any of the performance in advance so we had no pre arranged number of repeats or tempo worked out.

Most of the performance was captured and can be seen here.

About Ian Piddington

I have been involved in re-enactment since 1993. My main group now is the SCA in New Zealand. Within the SCA I am Baron Sympkyn of the Moor
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