St Sebastians 2018

St Sebastian’s was a special event this year. It marked the 10th anniversary of Ed and Elizabeth running this on their property. As such Ed had made some extra special site tokens, individual pottery cups, for the attendees.

As always there was a game running over the weekend. The prize this year was a crossbow. This was eventually won by William de Cameron.

The main event at St Sebastian’s is the archery tournament.
This year it was broken down into 3 categories, all shot at the same time.

The 3 categories were:-

  • The Baronial Championship. This is for the best scoring member of the Barony
  • The Golden Arrow. This is for the highest scoring archer using a longbow
  • The St Sebastian’s champion. This is for the highest scoring archer regardless of the type of bow used

This year the same person won all 3 categories.

We were also were honoured to have Their Royal Majesties in attendance. Master Edward Braythwayte had been invited to join the Order of the Pelican at St Catherines Faire and this event was the most appropriate for him to be elevated to the Order.

About Ian Piddington

I have been involved in re-enactment since 1993. My main group now is the SCA in New Zealand, although I still do some bits with the local Jousters. Within the SCA I am Sympkyn of the Moor, Baron of Ildhafn
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