Cooking Fire

One of the most important things is the camp fire. As well as being a source of heat and light in the evenings it is also the only means we have to cook our meals.

When ever possible we dig a fire pit, however some sites don’t want us to damage their ground so we also have a small raised fire tray


For cooking we have 2 riveted iron pots, a pottery skillet, a large ceramic pot and a kettle.


We have a crane for hanging the pots from. The whole arm of the crane can be adjusted and we also have S hooks for adjusting the height of individual pots

We also have a hanger for keeping spoons, the fire poker, pot hooks and the S hooks on when they are not in use.

About Ian Piddington

I have been involved in re-enactment since 1993. My main group now is the SCA in New Zealand, although I still do some bits with the local Jousters. Within the SCA I am Sympkyn of the Moor, Baron of Ildhafn
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