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Camp Fires

Within our camp environment fire is one of the most import things. It is used for cooking on, top help keep us warm, to dry wet clothing, to provide light and as a communal gathering place. When ever possible we … Continue reading

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New Tent

The first and possibly most important bit of the camp is the tent. This is home while on site. While it needs to be big enough to live in it also needs to pack down small enough that it is … Continue reading

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Cooking Fire

One of the most important things is the camp fire. As well as being a source of heat and light in the evenings it is also the only means we have to cook our meals. When ever possible we dig … Continue reading

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In the past we have used fairly modern looking lanterns with tea lights or small votive candles. While these have worked well enough they don’t look right anymore and are slowly being replaced by more period looking lamps. Originally we … Continue reading

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Leather Box

In this project, I am making a leather box for a friend of mine. The box design I decided to use has a joined lid so was to be made out of a single piece of leather. The final dimensions … Continue reading

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Waikato Waldorf Festival 2014 – Review

The Waikato Waldorf Festival is a 1-day¬†event at the Waikato Waldorf school. It is one of the main fund raisers and is always themed medieval. For the past few years we have attended as part of the living history village. … Continue reading

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One of the goals with our encampment has been to have no clearly modern things lying around. to help with this, and to make life easier when packing for camp we have a number of different boxes that things get … Continue reading

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